If you're a PDR technician like me, you can remember that learning paintless dent repair was no easy task.  I often wished I had a mentor there by my side to help me through the rough times of trying to figure out how to deliver high-quality results.  Well, it's time to give back! I want to share with you what I've learned after many years of constantly pushing myself out of my own comfort zone to be the best I could possibly be at this amazing craft. Initially, I set out to offer a subscription video tutorial site where you can watch me perform these repairs, but then I had a shift in the vision of what I really wanted my students to take away. There’s nothing better than actual one-on-one tailored training with a mentor by your side in an environment where you can gain true value by being there in-person asking the real questions. So here is my vision for you. You'll not only learn what it takes to deliver the highest quality retail repairs in your market, you'll learn what it takes to acquire a loyal customer following that will be with you for years to come.  



There’s a growing demand for large scale repairs using the Paintless Dent Removal Method. Are you able and ready to fix them to a factory high quality while getting the money you deserve? This is a 1 week tailored one-on-one training program that will unlock your true potential for performing complex repairs at the highest level. A big portion of the curriculum will be spent with you working on real vehicles in a shop setting. You'll also be riding along to experience what it's like out on the road interacting with and performing PDR for retail clients at their homes and offices. My end goal before you leave advanced training is that you become comfortable, confident and consistent repairing larger, more complex damage to a high level through the use and understanding of things like:

-Starting Extreme Damage Making it Manageable Without Creating More Work
-Finishing Extreme Damage to High Quality Outcomes
-Hammer Blending Stategies &Techniques
-Performing High Quality Extreme Repairs on a Mobile Basis
-Cold Glue Strategies & Techniques
-Dent Mapping & Attack Strategies
-Advanced Glue Pulling Strategies (GPR) & Techniques
-Plastic Bumper Repair Strategies & Techniques Using PDR
-Reading Light & Natural Reflections For Finishing Repairs
-Power PDR Box Usage
-Repairing Body Lines
-Repairing Edges
-Repairing Deep & Overstretched Dents
-Dent Dial Usage 
-Paint Touch Up Strategies & Techniques
-Working With Aluminum & High-Strength Steel
-Motorcycle Fender/Tank Repair & Vice Stand Setups
-Large Damage Estimating
-Advanced Marketing Strategies
-Dealing With Insurance Companies On Large-Scale Repairs

***Each trainee receives their very own full production marketing video and custom steel core knockdown set with blending and striking hammers at the completion of the course. See actual trainee's video below. 


***Please understand that paintless dent repair is an acquired skill that may take years of experience to master or perform at the highest levels. I'll provide you with the framework and knowledge, but it is ultimately up to you as the trainee to exercise the grit, willpower, persistence and execution of real world practice outside of the learning environment in order to get to these levels. 


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